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Alternative Sounds - Coventry Music Fanzine run by Martin Bowes 1979 - 80 Some issues on PDF'sof

Alternative Sounds was created and run by Martin Bowes and Dill of God's Toys in 1979 - 80 when the Coventry music was at it's zenith, post punk and during Two Tone.

There is an interview I did with Martin Bowes c 2008  here

Maybe that Martin will put the rest of the issues on line at some stage, as I know some of you are hoping. 

I only complete issues of No 3, 6 and 10 and the special issue that came with the album Sent from Coventry and loose pages from issue 12 and 7 - the staples came out and the pages got mixed up. They are below in pdf form.

You can read and enlarge the pdf's in the players here or click through to their location on Google drive and download them from there. They contain a wealth of information for researchers who are looking at that period Coventry's musical history, the punk or ska scene.

Here are some issues on pdf

UPDATE Below is a composite of pages from issues 4, 7 and 12 i think.The pages came loose over the years and some are maybe missing and certainly out of order but there's a lot of interesting stuff in them so sorry about that - best I can with them. However we now have issue No4 which I've added above,so some of the pages are now duplicated!

Front Covers

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