Thursday, October 16, 2014

Magna Carta - Lord of the Ages (Hobo Review 1973)

This is from the brief review section of Coventry's Music and Arts magazine - Hobo 1973 - 75, edited by Trev Teasdel.

The review was done by a guy called Dave,whose surname I've forgotten but was a roadie with Bob Jackson's first band in Coventry - Indian Summer. Bob of course went on to play with many name bands including Badfinger and the Fortunes.

Lord of the Ages - Magna Carta
It's hard to capture the beauty of this album in words. It's the kind of album to play when you've stopped rushing about and wanting to relax. Lyrics are poetic but not corny, blending nicely with the haunting melodies, not unsimilar to Crosby Stills, Nash and Young, or Simon and Garfunkle. The mood shifts to a funky sound in the second half and then back again. What the hell are you reading this for? If you are going to get into this type of music, go and grab a listen and let it speak for itself.

Dave - October 1973 for Hobo Magazine.

Magna Carta are still touring in 2017 - you can catch up with them on facebook here

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