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Derek Brimstone Review - Hobo 1973

This brief review was in the unpublished version of Hobo Issue 2. Haven't found much on line by Derek but here's live song - Sweet Mystery. Although from Hemel Hempstead, Derek's son used to stay in our shared house both in Birmingham and Shilton, Nr Coventry periodically. A fine guitar player himself.


This review was written for the original HOBO Issue two which wasn't published unfortunately – see editorial section.

A Very Good Time – by Derek Brimstone

Review by Trev Teasdel 1973

Followers of  Derek Brimstone who recently played at the Pilot (Coventry pub) with Colin Scott, will be,
might be, or might not be, delighted to hear that he’s has a new LP out. Mostly recorded Live in Sunderland Polytechnic and Pirton Herts, thus capturing not only his incredible playing but his hilarious stage patter, into which his songs are woven.

Songs included are:- We Had a Very Good Time (Brimstone) and Piss Off (Copyright Control – Mike
Heron. / When the Music Starts to Play / Mrs Fisher (A Melancholy yet funny half-poem / half song by Derek and a John Martyn song.

By the time this is printed Derek should be on the way to being a Grand dad - so good luck to Steve and Lyndie Brimstone (friends of mine).

Also – for folk guitarists may not know that Derek has a Clawpicking Guitar tutor out, in easy to follow tablature. I have a copy myself and recommend it! This is published by Southern Music and cost 40p (in 1973 that is!!, you will have to order it but it’s a good book. Well we’ll be saying “Keep on smiling cos ‘that do make it good’.

Derek's Auto biography  Till I Was Twenty

"A tale of a harsh childhood and a rebellious youth, told by a master storyteller with wit and style. Anyone who has seen Derek's stage performance will recognise the humour that lights up his journey through those turbulent years."

Tony Capstick.

My copy of Derek's Learn Clawpicking Guitar - Made Easy (From the early 70's)

A review from Melody Maker at the time

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