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HOBO REVIEW 3 Published in Hobo No 2 August 1973

Album review by Mike O'Hare of Coventry Virgin Records 1973

Having always been a fan of my Manfred Mann, the contents of this album came as a little surprise and although it doesn't quite match with the band’s last album Glorified Magnified, it is still a better album than most of your recognised rock n rollers are putting out.

Each and every track swinging with the possible exception of Sad Joy and that one’s a feeler with the title explaining what sort of feel it is.

There are three stand outs on this one; Messin; Ball and Chain; and Buddha.

Messin, the title track is a sort of jerky sort of rhythm which typifies most of the other tracks on the album.

A note must be made of the extremely effective synthesizer on this track and on Ball and Chain which is a 12 bar which jerks along in much the same way as Messin. Buddha is perhaps the fastest track on 
the album and certainly the rockiest although it does start off slowly The band on this track sound not unlike an early Led Zep. So there you are if you like rocky music that swings a bit and kicks like a donkey on heat, then this is the one you should no trouble getting off on.

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