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Hobo (Coventry Music and Arts Magazine) No 4 1974

This is a pdf file version of  issue No 4 of Hobo Magazine, charting the Coventry Music scene in 1974.

This edition was produce in the summer of 1974, produced on a duplicator - much of the work was typed at Sunshine Music Agency in Gulson Road Coventry (Thanks to Co-director Craig Ward) and other wise at Coventry Voluntary Service Council. This edition features a Soul article by Pete Waterman who at the time ran Soul Hole Records above the Virgin record store in Coventry and also placed an advert for the Soul Hole in the magazine. His article focused on the Three Degrees who he saw in concert along with David Bowie and other. Pete wasn't world famous at this point but was on the way!

There are two versions of the magazine here - the second one was produced first but was withdrawn owing to the printers having made a hash of the magazine - reducing it (to save costs) but making it largely unreadable and the graphics looked messy. We re-did the layout and content and had it duplicated. I've cleaned up the issue and tried to make it readable but the graphics are still indistinguishable. It does contain information on bands that wasn't included in the second version - obviously as time had lapsed but might be useful historically. The cover photo show Mark Rider and Ray Barrie in a 1974 due called Sasp'rilla. Mark Rider is now in Skawaddy. John Alderson of Wandering John did some of the cartoon sketches.

EDITORIAL FROM ISSUE 4 (Published version) summer 1974
Once again I am apologising for the late arrival of this issue, owing to the difficulties in getting it printed, but i think possibly we are now able to overcome them and produce HOBO monthly, so keep your fingers crossed. For those not familiar with the magazine, it is a non profit making mag being a media for the music and arts scene, with the purpose of promoting and encouraging activities and facilities. Your ideas, poems, articles, information, letters, ads etc. etc. are very welcome, so do not hesitate to contact us.
Trev Teasdel 1974

Hobo Issue No 4 - Summer 1974 Coventry Music and Arts Magazine.

Hobo - Issue No 4 (Unpublished version - early summer.)
Editorial of the unpublished issue of Hobo No 4
Hobo is a non-profit making magazine. Briefly the aims of the mag are to supply the musicians / poets / artists of Coventry and district with a music and arts mag that everyone can afford, giving news / info / articles of interest / classified ads and a central point for inspiring and promoting creative activities in the city. We are interested in any articles / info / ideas / criticisms or any help you can offer. Please don;t be shy about responding as its your response that we're relying on. This is the framework, it's your ideas that will clothe it. We hold no prejudice musically and are therefore open to any form of music or art. Although  the underdog activities are given priority - least-ways we do our best.
Trev Teasdel 1974 

Trev Teasdel - Editor / Reporter / Layout
Arthur Brown - Coeditor / distribution manager.
John Alderson (Of Wandering John / Last Fair Deal / Just Jake) / Justin Guy (Roadie with A Band Called George) / Steve Brimson (Derek Brimstone's son) - Graphics
Pete Waterman - Article / advertising / info

Support - Sunshine Music Agency (SAM) - typewriter / office space / contacts / info / 
                 reviews. Coventry Voluntary Service Council (Bob Rhodes - Detached Youth 
Mike O'Hare (Virgin Records) - Virgin Album & Singles Chart
Also help from Lynda Hardcastle / Greg / Colin Armstrong (Singer/Songwriter) / Colin Cripps / 

Duplicating and Stencil Bills

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