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Hobo 5 - Nov 1974 (Unpublished)

Hobo kept going between June 1973 and Nov 1974 as a magazine despite a series of set backs both
financial and in terms of printing costs and resources. We had no core funding back then, reliant on ads which were sometimes difficult to get and rising printing costs and so, while the intention was to produce a monthly magazine, it in fact came out whenever money allowed. Hence some of the issues / material on here never go finally published back in the day but is presented here as historical source material.

The work of the magazine wasn't just the production of the magazine however, a lot of networking, puting out ideas and sharing of information and keeping material from the period for posterity was all part of it along with the campaign for a venue for bands starting off.

This issue - which never saw the light of day - was the last attempt to keep the magazine going and production began about November 1974. By June 1974 Hobo had evolved already into a venue / workshop described on other posts on this blog. The Hobo Workshop based first at the Holyhead Youth Centre and then upstairs at the Golden Cross fulfilled a lot of the wider aims of  Hobo and many of the musicians who played for us later went on to better things.

What remains, in terms of layout drafts of issue 5, is displayed here with any other articles / information i can find in my archives.

(Draft article earmarked for Issue 5 Nov 1974)
Where is it?
The Hobo Workshop, which began in June 1974 at the Holyhead Youth Centre in Coventry, has moved recently to upstairs at the Golden Cross, Hay lane. The workshop operates every Monday night and is free to get in, although we sometimes pass the 'hat round' to help cover petrol expenses of the bands that play and your contributions are therefor appreciated.

What is it?
It is a creative workshop - as opposed to a straight concert scene - where not only bands (newly started or more established) can come and play their brand of music but at which anyone can come along do their particular 'thing', whether it be in the form of music / poetry / street theatre / fire eating (!) or whatever. If you'd like to come along and try something out or if you have any ideas about what you'd like to see happening at the workshop or if you'd like to organise a jam session or anything - then get in touch. The object is to provide a place where you can do or get together whatever you want (within reason of course!).

We've made Our Effort - It's Now up to You to Make Yours!
So come along and take advantage of it or just come along and enjoy it - come in fancy dress if you like - use your imagination and help us break down the "Them and Us" scene between performers and audience. There is a basic coordination at the workshop to avoid chaos but it is loosely applied to accommodate whatever you want to do.

So come on and put away your 'do it yourself concert critic', kick away your jams and come and help us get a creative and friendly scene going.

Anyone wishing to know anymore, write to Hobo or come up to the Golden Cross on Monday night and ask for Trev Teasdel; Liz Scott; or John Bargent (Bo).

We'd like to thank all those who have so far supported us, participated or helped us organise the workshop in any way. Special thanks go to Singer songwriters Colin Armstrong, Dave Bennett - bands including Fission (Johnny Adams / Al Varney), Midnight Circus (Neil O'Connor), Khayyam (Chris Jones), Analog (Steve Edgeson), Trigon (Paul Sampson), Phoenix (Dave Pepper), Memories (Ray Barowski), Just Before Dawn (Jim Pryal), Radio Moonraker Disco, John Alderson, Colin and Lyn Cripps. Phil Knapper, Ann Barton, Andy slowhand Cairns, Horace Panter, Neol Davies, Charley Anderson, Julian Adams, John Rushton (Analog), Tony Unwin, Arol, Bob Rhodes and Kevin and oh too many more to name.

Why don't more people skip instead of walk!! It is healthy, fast, fun and doesn;t wear your shoes out if you roll on your feet instead of scrape! Hobo wants to see everyone skipping to work / college or the dole - you can even skip to the loo if you like...!!

Vegetarian recipies - Economical - Filling and Nutricious - by Lyndie B.

Baked Cauliflower Cheese
Cook cauliflower in the usual way (steaming is best if possible) then place in an oiled casserole dish. Alternate the layers of cauliflower and breadcrumbs (Whole meal please). Sprinkle each layer of crumbs with grated cheese and a dot of margerine and end up with breadcrumbs on top. Pour over it a cup of milk, mixed with an egg (or just milk if times are hard!) and then bake in a moderate oven until browned. A little black pepper adds an interesting touch.

Drumlanrig Pudding (Scottish)
Stew fruit (any variety but rhubarb is favourite) until pulpy (adding brown sugar or honey to taste) and then alternate the layers of fruit and wholemeal bread in a pudding basin. Stand in a cold place for 24 hours, then turn upside down and gently remove bowl. Yoghurt makes an incredible topping.
Adverts for the Shanty Folk Club and Pat Garcia

Folk Club directory from Pat Garcia 1974

Coventry Folk Singers Society presentations at -
The Jules Verne Folk Club, Grayswood Ave, Coventry every Sunday.

Coventry Folk Singers Society presentations at
The Cliffton Hotel, Cliffton Road, Rugby.
The Lobster Pot Folk Club 8pm Thursday nights.

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