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Hobo (Coventry Music and Arts magazine) Issue 3 1974

Hobo No3 February 1974 Two Tone Blue issue.
Features - an early small add for a band by Horace Panter (later of the Specials) in the small ads pages. Advert for Willow, Jazz rock band featuring Joe Reynolds sax player who later played on The Selecter's Three Minute Hero, Advert designed by Rod Felton for his Rude Bare folk Club, on the back page. Advert for Silk Disco. Adverts for some of Pete Waterman's early discos under Entertainments.

Issue 3 of Hobo (Coventry Music and Arts Magazine) February 1974. The magazine was originally planned to come out each month but lack of funds and rising printing costs meant some issues weren't printed and published. There was therefore often a gap before the next issue came out. That's not to say the work of the magazine, the networking and promotion didn't go on anyway, far from it and some of the remaining pages of issues we weren't able to publish are now being archived here to reflect that. However - this is the Published version of issue 3.

Trev Teasdel - Editor / Reporter / Layouts
Mike O'Hare (Virgin Records) - Virgin Album Chart
Support - Sunshine Music Agency (SAM) (Typewriter / office space / encouragement and
Rod Felton - Art work (Rude Bear Folk Club)
Printing - Broadgate Press (offset Litho)
Support and Help - Sue and Mike Pearce / Colin Cripps / Lynda Hardcastle.

Coventry music news / poetry / free music ads / Virgin album charts for Coventry 1974 / etc.

Issue 3 Editorial
Hobo is a media for the music and arts scene in Coventry and near by. It welcomes your opinions, help, poems, information, articles, graphics, ideas etc. It is a framework to be clothed with your ideas and activities. It needs feedback - don;t hesitate as we are friendly. Money made is used for the mag, to keep it going and gradually (if the country doesn't collapse) to improve it. Hopefully Hobo will continue on a regular monthly basis, previous delay was owing to printing hassles, paper shortages and money shortages and God knows what. Hobo can be obtained from Virgin Records, I Am boutique, Sunshine Music Agency, The Sound Centre, Cranes Music shop, Rude Bear Folk Club, Silk Disco, Student Unions and various music shops etc.

From original layout in Black and white.

Willow was a Jazz rock band featuring sax /flute player and poet Joe Reynolds who later played on Selecter's  Three Minute Hero,both in the studio and on Top of the Pops.

Below area few surviving pages from issues that didn't come out - some are hard to date precisely - but I think November 1973 and January 1974 and some after feb 1974 but before the summer issue.

Virgin records - Coventry Store album chart - c end of 1973

Hobo No 3 was printed at Broadgate Instant Print in Exhall, Coventry.

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