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Hobo Issue 2 August 1973

This is a pdf copy of Hobo Issue 2 published in Coventry August 1973. (Click link to download it.)

Hobo was intended to come out  monthly but when John Bargent ( who funded the first issue) left to roadie with a band it was hard to raise the cost of printing on such a regular basis, and so the magazine came out as when funds were raised.

Issue 2 was published thanks to Babs Wainwright who got the layouts duplicated. Not as good as offset litho but at least we got an issue out a month late. This issue was written and produced by Trev Teasdel and re-typed and printed by Babs.

Virgin Records Coventry supplied the Virgin chart and Mike O'Hare of Virgin records did the LP reviews and placed the advert (Who's Moses).

Pete Waterman (who at the time was running the Soul Hole - in the basement of I Am Boutique and then above Virgin records, supplied the Soul Hole Charts.

Editorial No 2 August 1973

Hobo is back on the road after lapsing a month due to printing difficulties and many other hassles. Out of necessity a small fee (2p) is being charged for the mag. (Money certainly doesn’t grow on trees!).

Briefly the aims of the mag are to supply the the musicians / poets / artists of Coventry and district with a music and arts mag that everyone can afford. It aims to give news / info / articles of interest/ classifieds / and a central point for inspiring and promoting activities in the city.

We’re interested in in any articles / poems / news / views / info / ideas / criticisms or any help you can offer. Please don’t be shy about responding as it’s your response that we’re relying on. This is the framework, it’s your ideas that will clothe it. We hold no prejudice musically and are open to any form of music or art. Though the underdog (ground) activities are given priority. Leastways we do our best.

Trev Teasdel August 1973

Trev Teasdel - Editor / Layouts / Reporter
Barbara Wainwright  (Babs) - Typing / Sec. / Duplication / Collation
Assistants - Bruce Norris (Poetry Editor) / Johnny Adams (Band Info) / Andy / Bo / Bill / all the Daves
Mike O'Hare (of Virgin Records) - Reviews / Virgin Album Charts
Pete Waterman - Soul Hole Record Chart.
Support - Coventry Arts Umbrella Club /& Lynn Greenwood - Coventry Evening Telegraph

Here is the unpublished July 1973 version of Issue 2 - or at least some of the draft pages.

Hobo (Coventry Music and Arts Magazine) was first published June 1973 – edited by Trev
Teasdel and John Bargent (Bo) and printed at the Left Centre, 65, Queen Victoria Rd, Coventry
(now demolished but located somewhere behind the Town Crier). It was printed on an offset litho
supplied by EP Thompson (author of Making of the English Working Class) while he was a
Professor at Warwick University.
Towards the end of June, we started to put together the draft copy of the Issue two for release in
July 1973. However, John Bargent, who was paying for the printing (along with any adverts we
managed to get) left the magazine to roadie with Coventry Jazz Rock outfit Khayyam on their
European tour. The original Issue two therefore never got published in July. However Trev managed
to get a second issue published in August 1973 via Babs Wainwright, who managed to produce via
her workplace duplicator. Some of the articles were pulled from the original unpublished issue two
along with fresh up to date material.

This, then, consists of fragmented and surviving pages from the draft of the original issue 2 of
Hobo, that was in preparation at the end of June 1973. It was an unfinished mock up and bits of
material were pulled from it for the August edition.
Graphics mainly done by John Alderson – Guitarist with Wandering John

Copies of Hobo can be obtained from Virgin Records, I AM boutique, The Sound Centre, The Left Centre, various music and record shops and the central libraries, not to mention the merry men and women of Hobo who will be distributing them here, there, near and far.

As always, we are interested in any articles you have written, poems, news, comments anything going on, things you'd like to go on. Help of any kind you can offer. Write to us or see us out and about - don't be shy - the worst we can say is no - which is doubtful!

Please pass it round, show / tell your friends, help support our raffle and concerts,  if you can so that we can continue and improve the mag and facilities in Coventry and help people trying to get things going in Cov.

Please return beer glasses to the pub when used outside as policemen keeping an all night vigil is a drag and for God's sake don't throw them! There are otherways of using up energy and killing time. Have a sing song or anything but try and keep things peaceful otherwise it's going to be useless trying to get through to anyone to aid us and get anything done. The Police funds are low , so keep cool and keep clean!.
Trev and Bo (John Bargent) July 1973

Additional Editorial
Hello again! For those who haven;t seen the first issue, I'll explain briefly the purpose of this monthly magazine. It is to help promote and revitalise the music / art scene in Coventry and is distributed free. It is (or should be) sponsored by ads. So far we've had little help and consequently our pockets bear big holes! So groups, discos, shops please help as we don't wish to have to charge for this magazine, which is non-profit making. In fact we just want it to support itself but at the moment it's completely the reverse. Anyway - details of the Ad rates later in the mag.

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