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Hobo - Coventry Music Magazine issue 1 - June 1973

This is Issue one of Hobo - Coventry's Music and Arts Magazine (Promoter) published June 1973, printed on Offset litho at The Left Centre, Coventry on an offset Litho donated by History and Warwick University Professor - E.P. Thompson. The magazine was produced by Trev Teasdel and John Bargent. It's available free here on PDF.  It was typed by Maz and the layouts were done by John and Maz. The intention was to produce it monthly but John Bargent (who ran Rouguestar Promotions and disco) left after this issue to road manage Coventry jazz-rock band Khayyam on their European tour. as John had largely financed the first issue,  it actually came out when I managed to raise enough for the printing. Issues were produced that weren't printed therefore owing to lack of finance but what i have left of those issues that never made it to print will be uploaded here too for research and archive purposes.

 Here is the link to the first issue on PDF -

Hobo began with a campaign against the RU18 squad who were kicking young people out of pubs without anyone providing alternative places for young people to hear live music. In getting a petition together to send to Coventry Evening Telegraph, i met John Bargent who helped to get Hobo started. That story will be on this blog in another post. Meanwhile here is the press coverage we got in the 'On the Scene' supplement in the Coventry Evening Telegraph June 1973.

Editorial for - Issue one - Published June 1973 

This is the first edition, which comes completely free, of an attempt at supplying the musicians and such likery of Coventry and surrounding districts, with a form of music paper, crude as it may be, in which people can make known their wares by advertising them in these columns, or contacting musicians and groups etc. it is intended to cover not only musicians but discos, poets and artists etc. Interviews with groups and artists will be carried out, also information, news and views.
We will be pleased to hear from anyone who has any suggestions, information, news and views.
The money made from the adverts will be used to finance and improve this monthly mag, so that it can be distributed free. I’d like to point out that  the idea is to make this as comprehensive as we can musically and is therefore not restricted to Rock groups, it is open to any form of music or art. It is strictly non-bread-head, non-profit mag.
Love and Happiness to all
Trev Teasdel 1973

On the Scene supplement in which the above article came from -

Letter from Coventry Telegraph prior to our interview -

A fuller view of the article

There will be more about John Bargent's Roguestar Promotions in the Cov Discos blogspot listed on the top post. (Below - John and his wife Rachel as they are now).

John had worked for release and one of his ideas was Central Spot (Mentioned in the magazine) - a drop in centre for young people with problems. John left Hobo after the first issue but that option got taken up later by Bob Rhodes, a detached youth worker from Coventry Voluntary service council who facilitated the Hobo Workshop at the Holyhead Youth Centre summer 1974. More about that on a post on the Hobo Workshop.

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